Town issues Christmas decree to local kids

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It’s official: Santa’s good to go and stop by local homes in Cochrane this year.

Some kids had been a little worried with how different things have been lately, especially with their schools and with seeing their friends, that Santa might not be able to come by.

Or even worse: that he might be sick.

Neither of those are the case, however. Mayor Jeff Genung, his teammates on council and the Town of Cochrane want local kids to know that Santa is officially welcome in Cochrane, as he is all over the world, and that he’s good and healthy right now.

“We know that some of you are worried about Santa Claus,” reads an official town memo, addressed only to kids, from the mayor.

“We have heard from the team at the North Pole that he, Mrs. Claus and all the elves are fine. They are one household, so by staying at the North Pole and avoiding contact with others, they have stayed safe and healthy. This is great news!”

The special memo for kids continued on to add that Santa’s going to be okay to go into their homes and drop off presents, as long as kids make sure to stay in their beds to make sure proper distance can be kept.


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“It’s very important that Santa not have contact with anyone in your house while he’s there,” the memo says.

“Even if you hear the reindeer on the roof, it’s very important that you stay in your bed until he’s gone.”

The mayor and the town want to make sure kids follow Santa’s lead on being healthy in 2020. To learn more, their parents can help them check out some of the more visual information available at

And of course, to follow along with where Santa is on Christmas Eve using state-of-the-art, military-grade satellite communications technology, visit the trusted ‘Santa Tracker’ of the North American Aerospace Defense Command at

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