• Wetland Myths Pt. III

    Judy Stewart Wetland Myths This article is intended to provide the background for unpacking the four wetland myths presented last week.
  • Memorable summer

    Ivan Brooker Councillor Council This is my last opportunity to write a Councillor’s Column before the fall elections.
  • Prevailing wetland myths

    By Judy Stewart Several prevailing wetland myths permeate the draft Cochrane Wetland Conservation Policy.
  • Working towards a vision of sustainability

    The vision for Cochrane’s sustainable future has not changed since May 2009.  That vision, created by citizens who got together to write a community plan for the next 50 years, ...
  • Transit and wetlands

    Judy Stewart Sustainability Transit and wetlands Readers may wonder why I think community discussions and council decisions about the introduction of transit and retention of wetlands on the urban landscape ...
  • Low pricing isn't everything

    By Judy Stewart People are completely dependent on the natural environment for survival: without air, water, food and sources of energy for heat and light, we cannot survive.
  • Life as a Couch

    Things I just don't want to know by Dave Couch I don’t know. Let me clarify - I know a lot about a lot of different things and am pretty ...
  • Silly season has begun

    Judy Stewart Sustainability You may have noticed that the “silly season” has already begun in Cochrane with respect to the municipal election to be held in October 2013.
  • Control your dog

    Nicky Blackshaw Figuring out Fido “Control Your Dog!” Have you ever yelled or thought this as you glared at another person whose dog was growling, barking and lunging at the ...
  • A report worth reading

    Judy Stewart Special to The Times Over the past few months, the Cochrane Sustainability Plan and what it means to be a citizen of sustainability in Cochrane has been on ...
  • Ready to rumble

    Noel Edey Cochrane Times A ride through the rolling foothills of Alberta, a chance to support a worthy cause and to lay down a winning poker hand—who could resist? The ...
  • Darths, dads and daughters

    Dave Couch Life as a Couch When I was a kid and watching Stars Wars for the first time, Darth Vader was the epitome of the Evil Bad Guy.
  • Importance of communications

    Tara McFadden Council Column “Communication is the real work of leadership”- Nitin Nohria This is one of the truest quotes I know.
  • Passwords just aren't fun anymore

    Dave Couch Life as a Couch You know, as a kid, I always wanted to be a spy or special agent, with all the cool gadgets, hidden headquarters and secret ...