Memorable summer

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Ivan Brooker
Councillor Council
This is my last opportunity to write a Councillor’s Column before the fall elections. Normally I would take the opportunity to write about an event or a priority council was working towards. However, I find myself just wanting to take the opportunity to first say “thank you”. Thank you for allowing me to be one of your councillors for the last three years, it has been a privilege.
Secondly, if your life is anything like mine and it seems there are not enough hours in a day, perhaps we should just stop for a minute and reflect on what the important things in life are.  What really matters?    We all know what living in a rat race is like.  Take a moment to relax, unplug, enjoy life and count our blessings.  With all the tragedy we hear about in the news, on the tails of the recent Alberta Floods, and so many other factors influencing our priorities, shifting our thoughts and pulling at our resources, maybe it’s time to just breathe. We live in an amazingly beautiful town and area, so get outside and enjoy. Before we know it we will be back buying school supplies and wondering what happened to the summer.
I just had my 50th birthday last weekend. My family and a great group of friends celebrated with me and what an amazing day it was. After blowing out the candles on my cake I took the opportunity to propose to my girlfriend, so I’m elated to tell everyone that Tracy Smyth and I are getting married.
 A summer I will never forget. So create moments and memories that you will have in your hearts forever and thank you again for the last three years.